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Here is how Constructionplace.com works to help you build.

New and Remodel Projects

Home Improvements Projects

Tenant/Leasehold Projects

Residential Projects

Commercial Projects

Condominiums Projects

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There are no costs to Sign Up and no membership fees to use these services. Many useful services are FREE and after logging in you have the option of using one of our Discount Packages for greater value. Sign up today.

What you get after Signing Up

Landing Page and Master Dashboard Quick access buttons and links to key services and features:

Work Sheets
Professionals Help
Projects Advice

Contact/Business information
Professionals have the option of showing your products, services or completed projects. 

Customizing options
Upload contact image
Upload your resume
Enter profession
License information (if applicable)
Your URL
Insurance and Bonding information

This system allows you to connect to your personal email client to invite new users to sign up on Constructionplace.com. The email is formatted with sample editable invitation wording.

This is for Area Representatives only

This on-line system/tool is for making money and profit while helping others to profit and succeed". 
 Project Dashboard
Quick access to your projects information. Use it like a digital filing cabinet to archive and/or maintain Project Information by Property Address.

Project Name
Job Number
Project Size
Project Description
Track Common Area Projects
Target Completion Dates
Building Permits
Project Budget and Actual Cost
Project Required Approvals Project Resources

Find Showcased Projects

Quickly search for Showcased Projects. 

Filters include:

Project Category
Project Type
Resources Wanted
Project Scope
Project Status
Purchased From
+Add/Edit Project Information Information can be updated at any time.

Choose to add Project Description/Name/Number
Choose to enter Target Completion dates
Choose to enter building Permit information
Choose to enter a project Budget
Choose to enter any required Project Approvals
Choose to Showcase your Project Information with a unique image, posting title and body text.

Manage Guarantees/Warrantees
Easily input and keep track of Guarantees and Warrantees for your property(s) with purchase and expiration dates and expiration date alerts.

Adding Resources
Easily keep track of and communicate with your Professional Resources for your Property(s) and Projects using:

Email Links to current Contact/Business information.

Here is where you complete Performance Reviews. Just click on the Resource you want to review and complete the following form:

Creating Performance Reviews for Professionals
We are in the business of helping our users succeed by being rewarded with exceptional first hand performance reviews. We believe the anticipation of being rewarded with a good performance review encourages professional quality work.

Therefore, we encourage our Professional users to request Performance Reviews from their clients using this unique performance review system.

Performance Reviews
Showcasing Performance Reviews if optional. This option is located in the resources My Contact/Business Information.


Easily send RFP’s and Quick Bids like a pro
These two dashboards give Quick access to any RFP’s or Quick Bids sent or received and connects to the respective Action Centers to instantly respond to invitations, RFI’s, Follow ups, and to Negotiate Costs and Terms.

Send RFP's with Quick Bid Option to unlimited recipients
$10.00 Each

Send RFP's without Quick Bid Option to unlimited recipients
$5.00 Each

Send Unlimited RFPs and Quick Bids with online Construction Management and Negotiating Support and Assistance from the CPC Team.
$2,500.00 Monthly
$24,000.00 Annually

Quick Bid with Bid Tabulator Option
$5.00 Each

Creating and Sending RFP’s and/or Quick Bids
These two simple yet comprehensive forms (RFP Form Shown) can be completed in minutes. Only fill in the fields that apply to your specific project and choose to keep your Bidding selective (Closed Bidding) or to anyone (Open Bidding.

Form fields and options include:

Create and send RFP’s or Quick Bids using check boxes, radio buttons and text fields
Send using your personal email client or our automated system
Share on Facebook and Linked In
Upload PDF documents
Save your work for later
Preview before sending

Preview RFP Before Sending
You always have the opportunity of previewing your RFP’s, Quick Bids, Follow Ups, and RFI’s prior to sending them.

RFP Action Center
This RFP Action Center keeps records of the following for each selected Bidder by RFP:

RFI’s sent and any replies
Follow Up Messages sent and any replies
Comments send and any replies
Any Uploaded PDF or Image files
RFP Acceptance Date/Time
RFP Declined Date/Time
Quick Link to Bidders Contact/Business information  
  Quick Bid Action Center This Quick Bid Action Center keeps records of the following for each CPC registered Bidder:

Quick Bid Offers Sent or Received
Negotiations send or received
Follow Up Messages sent and any replies
Comments sent and any replies
Bid Acceptance Date/Time
Bid Declined Date/Time
Quick Link to Bidders Contact/Business information

Following Up and Negotiating has Never Been Easier
Auto Fill forms are linked to the respective RFP’s and Quick Bids with the pertinent contact and project information.

Just complete one text field (voice recognition works on most mobile devices) and/or upload PDF or image files.

Preview and Send.  
  Quick Bid Tabulator
This Quick Bid Tabulator makes it easy to compare bids quickly while keeping the door open to negotiate with any or all bidders:

View initial and final bids
View the respective RFP (when RFP was used)
Quick link to the respective Quick Bid Action Centers
Quick Link to Bidders Contact/Business information
Alerts and Reminders
This pop up opens and displays dates set by you for Reminders or updating. The list displays:

Property Address
Project Name or Item Description
Field Description of the Alert
Expiration Date
Up Date Link
Cancel the Alert
Click here to open and Download Sample PDF Report
Project Reports
These downloadable reports are Ideal for yearend tax reporting for tax credits and disclosure purposes when selling or purchasing property. 

Getting Started and Creating a Test Project

Step One - Invite New Users to build you communication network; Step Two - Select My Non-Owned Property(s) or My Ownered Property(s) under My Projects; Step Three - Select +Add New Project Address Bar; and Step Four - Enter your data.

Represent Us

After Signing up you are eligible to become an Area Representative . Contact Us for details. 

Advertise with us - Advertise on this site or Sponsor Us.  Contact us for investment opportunities.  See Pricing

Get Featured - By request and subject to our approval we feature you and/or your property and/or projects on our revolving banner on our main landing page. Contact Us for Informaion

Get Professional Help - Our vast array of systems and methods have been used successfully on hundreds of projects.  We offer on-line and on-site services.

On-Line Certificate Program  - This is for Area Representatives only

Publications - These publications are handy reference books available in PDF format for mobile viewing. 

Work Sheets - These interactive self-calculating PDF are guaranteed to save lots of time and promote professionalism.

Total Contractor Service Plan TCSP for Contractors - Contractor FREE enrollment is required. See Terms of Enrollment

Total Contractor Service Plan TCSP for Owners - TCSP is a professional Construction Management mobile internet service for simplifying the Owner/Contractor hiring process and promote affordable, responsive, quality, repetitive work. ($15.00 Monthly(Six Month Minimum), $90.00 Annually), and Seniors over 65 $13.00 Monthly.  The service is COMMING SOON.



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