Course Requirements and Special Study Courses

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These On-Line courses use the Internet to facilitate the learning process and are conducted within

IMPORTANT: These courses are completed on you own by completing easy input forms, work sheets and on-line interactive forms. 

Students registering for these courses are expected to have experience and proficiency:

  • Using a computer;
  • Browsing the web and sending and receiving internet mail; and
  • Creating, uploading and downloading PDF files.

Minimum system requirements for accessing and completing these courses are:

  • Access to the Internet;
  • An Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome;
  • Computer with operating system or mobile device;
  • Access to Adobe Reader software ;and
  • Access and connection to a printer


Special Study Courses allow independent learning in a structured format with or without the guidance and feedback of a proctor.

Designed for your business needs and completed within your specified completion time. Special Study Courses generally would include publications, a study guide, supplemental readings, videos and/or video conferences. Self-assessment tests and exercises are often incorporated into the course materials.

Proctors would be available for consultation by e-mail or video conference.

For a no obligation cost proposal and/or information about our Special Study Courses Contact Us.

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