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Step 1 - Login in and go to Education

Step 2 - Select a Course, The prices listed for each course do not include the Course Registration Fee below.  The prices include the required Study Materials.  All Study Materials can be used for other courses or your personal use.

Step 3 - Register for your selected course and pay the $20.00 USD Course Registration fee.  Your Course Outline will open.

Step 4 - Start your course (No waiting for semesters to begin and complete your course at your own pace)

Step 5 - Follow the Course Outline a complete the lessons. 

Step 6 - Upon receiving your notice of "Successful Completion" you can order a Certificate of Completion.  We have discovered that not all people want Certificates of Completion.  Therefore, they are optional and the cost is $50.00 USD for each certificate including shipping and handling via US Mail.


Online Certificate of Completion courses use the Internet to facilitate the learning process. These courses are conducted within allowing you to invite team members, fellow students, and/or our course proctor into each course.

IMPORTANT: These courses are completed on you own by completing easy input forms, work sheets and on-line applications without the assistance of a tutor or instructor. However, limited FREE proctor assistance is available during each course.  You will also be instructed how to add the proctor to your course.

Students registering for these online courses are expected to have experience and proficiency using a computer, browsing the Web and sending and receiving Internet mail. A valid e-mail address is required to register for these online courses.

Minimum system requirements for access and to complete these courses are:

  • Access to the Internet;
  • An Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome;
  • Computer with operating system or mobile device;
  • Access to PowerPoint and Adobe Reader software are needed for some courses.
  • Access and connection to a printer


Special Study Courses (Available upon special request)

Special Study Courses allow independent learning in a structured format with or without the guidance and feedback of a proctor. Currently these courses are only available upon special request. For a fee proposal and/or information about our Special Study Courses Contact Us.

Designed for your business needs and completed within your specified completion time. Guided Study courses generally would include a detailed week-by-week calendar or schedule that will guide you through reading and writing assignments. Courses may include textbooks, a study guide, supplemental readings, and videotape and/or audiotape cassettes with viewing/listening instructions. Self-assessment tests and exercises are often incorporated into the course materials.

Proctors, assigned by assess academic progress through written assignments and proctored examinations. Proctors would be available for consultation by telephone, e-mail or video conference. ® Examinations (Not yet available but coming soon)® offers various examinations that allow you to earn college credit without taking formal courses. They are specifically designed to let you demonstrate the college-level knowledge you have gained through your work, personal interests or independent studies by taking a single examination.

The tests are available to anyone who is interested in credit-by-examination. Students at many other colleges and universities have found wide acceptability for ® credit at their institutions. However, it is important to check your college's policies regarding credit acceptance. ® examinations are available in courses relating to the building construction industry, property and project management only. Each ® examination is developed by a team of mentors who teach college courses in the subject area of the examination. Along with the exam, the team develops a test description with information to guide student test preparation efforts.

Prior Learning Assessment (Not available yet but coming soon)

Prior Learning Assessment is a flexible, efficient way of earning college credits for college-level knowledge you have learned outside the classroom. can help adults save countless classroom hours by earning credits based on their knowledge. Moreover, these credit awards are honored in transfer by many other colleges and universities throughout the country.

Like all programs offered by, Prior Learning Assessment operates on the belief that college-level learning, no matter how it is gained, warrants consideration for credit. Therefore, nearly any area of learning can be converted into college credit as long as it is currently being taught at a regionally accredited college or university and you can demonstrate your expertise in it.

A PLA portfolio is a compilation and discussion of data assembled in an approved format to demonstrate college-level knowledge for an award of credit. Each PLA portfolio generally represents one course. The portfolio you submit to will serve as proof of your expertise and the value it has in the academic world. It can include knowledge or skills gained from a wide variety of sources, but these are some of the more common ones used for Prior Learning Assessment:

  • Full- or part-time jobs
  • Independent reading and study
  • Training programs or in-service courses
  • Volunteer work
  • Community activities
  • Military service
  • Organization memberships
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