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as of 12/07/17

Self Help
Are you a student, owner-builder, construction professional, or educator?

Learn Constuction Management, Project Organization and Planning at your own pace! 

These courses focus on useful Self Help systems and forms.

"Certificate of Completion" is optional.


Courses offered:

Course Name, Objectives and Pricing
Project Administration and Organization
On-Line Bidding and Negotiating
Property and Project Management  
Construction Management
Here is how this Certificate of Completion Program works:
About these Courses

These courses were conceived as a way of making the study of construction management easier, clearer and more precise.  The focus of these courses is on becoming an effective owner builder and better project administrator or student.

Key advantages of taking these courses:

1. Begin a course immediately and complete it at your own pace;

2. "Pay as you go";

3. Very nominal registration fee and cost efffective because most required Study Materials can be re-used for other courses or for your personal use; and

4. These courses are guaranteed to train you how to be an effective Owner Builder, a better student, or improve your current professional skills.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any questions these courses.

Learn from an industry expert has been providing Property Owners, Business Establishments and Students with on-line productivity solutions and educational tools since 1999. Our founder has successfully completed hundreds of construction projects nationally and has incorporated many proven systems and techniques into these courses.
These courses are not accredited by or affiliated with any college, university, learning institutions or agencies.  The Study Materials are copyrighted by

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